Cambodia Prime Minister urged Indonesia to help Cambodian migrant NEWS

Yesterday in a meeting Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen has earnestly asked Indonesia to help migrant fishermen of Thai boats.

The meeting was held in the presence of Indonesian Ambassador PitonoPurnomo where he came up with the serious issue and addressed it to all. He also discussed the matter of trade and defence on the same forum.

As per the latest report, many Cambodian workers were trafficked in Thailand and were illegally punished for fishing in Indonesian waters, but the active Cambodian embassy in Jakarta rescued them to a great extent.

Prime Minister Hun Sen also said that many Cambodian migrant workersare being victims of human trafficking and were forced to work on the Thai fishing boats as they had no other option to survive.

He also requested Indonesia to be a helping hand in order to protect the Thai boat migrants thus innocent people can be saved.

Along with Mr Hun Sen, Kao Kim Huon was a part of the meeting. He is a minister attached to the Prime Minister as of now. Mr.Huon informed that it was a confidential meeting and lasted for more than one hour.

Both the countries showed green signal for having cooperation on trade in the near future and as of the current record of the transaction stands at $450 million which is healthy.

Mr. Hun Sen also informed that there are many plans to expand military training courses and exchanges in the future in order to strengthen the security power.

In his speech the Prime Minister also said that till 2012, the foreign ministries of both countries used to have annual meeting to share their experiences, but it has been stopped now.

He also asked the ambassador to re-establish the meetings hence forth in order to have a healthy relationship between both the countries.

According to Mr Kim Huon, Indonesian military officers and a naval ship has a plan to visit Cambodia this month. He added that this is a great step by both the countries as cooperation on national defence is for a noble cause.

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